NaProTechnology is a researched and published women’s health science based on CrMS observations, which provides objective information on the cycle. After using the CrMS to telegraph abnormalities, NaProTechnology treats problems cooperatively with the procreative and gynecologic systems while respecting the dignity of couples and women.

  • Infertility
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • ƒPolycystic ovaries
  • ƒPainful or irregular periods
  • ƒAbnormal bleeding
  • ƒPremature birth
  • ƒRepetitive miscarriage
  • ƒPostpartum depression
  • ƒHormonal abnormalities


  • a medical technology that destroys, manipulates or disrespects a woman’s fertility; 
  • a medical technology that goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church; 
  • a quick fix or band aid approach; and 
  • to be combined with artificial approaches. 


  • the first to network family planning with reproductive and gynecologic health monitoring and maintenance; 
  • able to evaluate and diagnose the underlying problems; 
  • morally acceptable to people of all faiths, maintaining the integrity of the human person, dignity of women, and integrity of marriage; 
  • a technology that provides real solutions to real problems such as infertility, PMS, ovarian cysts, repetitive miscarriage, postpartum depression, hormonal abnormalities, chronic discharges, and other health problems; and 
  • pro-life medicine, which respects women, couples, and unborn children.

About the developer

Over 50 years after the introduction of the birth control pill, medical science has made little attempt to understand fertility and the menstrual cycle. Women’s healthcare today focuses on masking abnormal symptoms and problems.This results in medical practices such as in vitro fertilization, which makes new life by destroying life.

Thomas W. Hilgers, MD is Director of the Institute’s Academic Programs and its National Center for Procreative Health. In 1968, Pope Paul VI presented Catholic Church teachings on love and life in the encyclical Humanae Vitae. At that time, natural methods of fertility regulation were insufficient for couples to live these teachings effectively and joyfully. This challenge prompted Dr. Hilgers to begin scientific research in natural fertility regulation. His research brought forth the revolutionary Creighton Model Fe